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building a medical practice brand
By RAMP's Content Marketing experts
12 September

Marketing a medical practice is similar to marketing a small business—and at the root of any marketing strategy, no matter what the industry, there should be a solid brand.

medical practice social media
By RAMP's Content Marketing experts
08 August

In the world of medical practice marketing, professionals are beginning to understand the need for an active social media presence. But do they understand the value of each social media platform and how to use them correctly?

How to create a Facebook Page
By RAMP's Content Marketing experts
12 July

There are over 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Are you using this platform to connect with current and potential patients?

The Value of Blogging for Your Practice
By RAMP's Content Marketing experts
22 March

Social media presence is vital to the success of a business or practice, and it is a common mistake to think that simply posting to social media is all you need to engage an audience and increase brand awareness. To successfully create an online presence for your practice, focus on the bigger picture—content marketing.

How does Google AdWords work?
By RAMP's Content Marketing experts
06 July

Producing content to rank organically in Google takes time, money and skill. While RAMP believes that your practice should definitely be creating educational content for your patients, that’s a process that may not lead to immediate rewards. In the meantime, you may want to look into Google AdWords—applying a budget to specific keywords and search terms that allow your practice to rank higher.