How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Practice

By RAMP's Content Marketing experts 12 July

There are over 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Are you using this platform to connect with current and potential patients?

Facebook has become an essential part of content marketing strategies—but before jumping in to creating, sharing and advertising content on this platform, make sure you’ve got a handle on the basics. Getting started with a strong, informative Facebook Page is the first step.

how to create a Facebook page

How Do I Create a Facebook Page for My Practice?

If your practice does not have an existing Facebook Page, this should be your first task. We created mock Page named “Business” to visually guide you through these steps.

  1. Create a Facebook account or log into an existing profile. If you’re logging in to your personal profile, don’t worry. Multiple Page Admins can be added, meaning you won’t be the only one responsible for the Page.
  2. On the left-hand side of the Home Page, search for a heading labeled Pages and click on the link below it that says Create Page (or follow this link).
  3. Choose the type of Page that best represents your practice. Depending on which you choose, you may be prompted to provide a category or address. For a practice Page, Local Business or Place or Company, Organization or Institution would most likely be the best fit, but Facebook gives you the following options:
    • Local Business or Place
    • Company, Organization or Institution
    • Artist, Band or Public Figure
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or Community

choosing Facebook Page

  1. Choose a Page category, insert your practice name and click Get Started! Remember, this means you’re agreeing to the Facebook Pages Terms.

Facebook getting started


Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Immediately after accepting, Facebook will guide you through four sections of Page set-up: About, Profile Picture, Add to Favorites, and Preferred Page Audience. You have the option to skip these steps, but we’ll explain why you should fill them in—and why they’re important.


This section is exactly what it sounds like. Adding a few sentences to briefly explain what your Page is about lets visitors get to know you better! Plus, this short summary can benefit you when users search Facebook for something specific, allowing them to stumble upon your practice. Be sure to link to your website, too.

Facebook Page About Me

Profile Picture

Upload it! This image should be in line with your brand and represent your practice appropriately. Your practice logo (without a tagline or added text) will serve best as your profile picture. It’s important to leave out text if you can, as it can be too difficult to read depending on where it’s displayed on Facebook.

You can upload your profile picture from your computer or import it straight from your website. A profile picture sized at 360 x 360 works best for all platforms.

Facebook profile picture

Add to Favorites

Doing this makes your Page more accessible by placing it in your Favorites sidebar. This is convenient, and it allows you to get to your Page without searching.

Facebook page favorites

Preferred Page Audience

You can tell Facebook who you’d like to connect with most by plugging in location, age, gender, interest and languages. This is important because it helps your Page reach and interact with your preferred demographic! Keep in mind that this does not limit your Page to this exact audience—anyone can find it.

Facebook page audience

Perfecting Your New Facebook Page

After filling in the prompted fields, you will be redirected to your new Facebook Page—but you’re not finished yet! Following these next few steps will help you represent your brand in a positive way and answer any questions users may have about your practice.

Upload a Cover Photo

Simply click the “Add a Cover” button and select “Upload Photo.” As opposed to your profile picture, your cover photo can have text on it—such as your tagline! As long as the image is sized appropriately, Facebook users will not have trouble reading your cover photo when visiting your Page—but we always recommend checking how the design appears on both desktop and mobile! We’ve found that a cover photo size of 828 x 315 works best.

Facebook cover photo

Edit Your Information

The more information you provide Facebook users, the better! Navigate to “About” on the left-hand side of your Page, or in its designated section on the right-hand side. Updating your hours, phone number, email address, practice address, website and short description are absolutely necessary. There are additional sections you can choose to update such as mission, awards, products and more—but as mentioned, it doesn’t hurt.

edit Facebook page about

Add a Button

Facebook gives you the opportunity to use a call to action button, so why not take advantage of it? Click “Add a Button” below your cover photo, and select the call to action that best fits your goals. We typically use the following buttons for our clients:

  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Send Email
  • Watch Video

Of the 1.65 billion active users, 54% only access Facebook on mobile. Utilizing these buttons makes it easier for users to get in touch—having the ability to call, email or book an appointment with a tap of the finger.

add Facebook page button

Create Content and Advertise

You now have an updated, informative Facebook Page. What’s next? It’s time to create content, share it on your Page and run Facebook advertisements!

Facebook has made it extremely difficult to grow organically (without applying funds and running ads). So while frequent posting may bring in some engagement, your Page could be getting much more impressive results. There are ads created to increase Page Likes, allow users to redeem an offer, get more comments and shares on your content—and even send users to your website, further increasing traffic. Creating and managing a successful content marketing strategy for Facebook is easier said than done, which is why our team of experts is here to help!

Getting Started with Content Marketing

RAMP will work with you to develop a strategic content marketing plan, helping you reach the goals you have in place for your practice.

Questions, or ready to get started? Contact us by calling 1.855.WE.R.RAMP.

There are over 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook.