Medical Practice Marketing: Building a Brand

By RAMP's Content Marketing experts 12 September

Marketing a medical practice is similar to marketing a small business—and at the root of any marketing strategy, no matter what the industry, there should be a solid brand.

Building a Brand for Your Practice  

There are various elements that make up a brand, and together, these elements allow you to connect with consumers, becoming recognizable over time.

The four main elements of a brand include:

  • Practice Name
  • Practice Logo
  • Tagline
  • Style Guide (overall design and brand requirements)

medical practice marketing

Step 1: Choosing a Practice Name

The name of your practice should accomplish two things: tell patients what you do and the services you provide, and be relevant to the area in which you serve.

Many of the medical practices we work with create their practice name by combining one or two of the below descriptions:

  • Location (City, State or County)
  • Specialty (Medical Aesthetics, Dental, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, etc.)
  • Family Name (Family-owned, physician/medical professional has local influence)
  • Persona-Driven (Holistic, Natural, Gender-Specific)

Step 2: Creating a Practice Logo

medical practice logo

The logo of your practice is one of the most important elements of branding. This is the ‘face’ of your medical practice, which means the creation of it should be done by a marketing or design professional with a proven track record.

It’s also important to compare the design of your logo to other companies within your geographic region or industry, ensuring that your logo and mark is unique and won’t be confused with another company or practice.

When RAMP creates logos for our medical practices, we hold a discovery call in which we get to know your practice, listening to your vision and goals regarding the look and feel of your practice’s marketing. Then our graphic designers create logo options, along with style guides, to allow you to select the best option for your practice.

Step 3: Choosing a Tagline

The tagline of your practice can be utilized to further explain and connect with your current and prospective patients. Building off your practice name, the tagline helps you to quickly sum up your practice in a way that is memorable.

While your practice’s tagline should be short, consisting of just a few words, that does not mean it is an easy task to create. Similar to your medical practice’s logo, the tagline should be written by a copywriter with experience in this realm of content creation—and they should provide you with a handful of taglines to choose from.

Since the tagline is the personality of your practice, and included in almost all of your marketing efforts, the creation should be strategic.

Step 4: Establishing a Style Guide

While your practice name, logo and tagline are extremely important elements of your practice branding, the style guide brings everything together.

A style guide consists of your chosen logo and logo mark, imagery, tagline, color palette (for both online and print uses), as well as the chosen fonts that will be used on any practice materials.

A style guide can be used as reference for both internal and external employees, serving as the roadmap for all marketing materials. Style guides also come in handy if your practice seeks marketing help from more than one resource, such as freelance designers. You can simply share the style guide with a designer at the beginning of a project to ensure the project aligns with your practice’s established brand.

Choosing Your Practice’s Brand Elements

As the owner or manager of your medical practice, you are closest to your patients. RAMP values your insight into what will resonate most with your audience, incorporating it into the branding creation process.

To begin the branding process for your medical practice, contact RAMP by calling 1.855.937.7267, or fill out an online submission and we will reach out to you regarding your specific needs.

At the root of any marketing strategy, no matter what the industry, there should be a solid brand.